Who do you want to reach?

We are passionate about our mission and excited to create ways to partner with organizations that share the same values and seek ways to authentically connect with the Black experience from lifestyle to culture. 

We don't just offer a front seat in the audience. We offer you a seat in front of your audience!

What's your objective?

Our proposals include creative ways to achieve:

  • Increase Sales
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Social Responsibility
  • Message Promotion
  • Brand Awareness/Affiliation
  • Employee/Patron Engagement

Whatever your aim, we integrate your objectives with our assets to optimize your ROI and/or ROO. 

Why partner with us?

We seek to maximize your ROI and/or ROO and offer the following:

  1.  Pre-Assessment
  2. Tailored Proposal
  3. Fulfillment Report
  4. Candid Feedback

We are committed to developing a win/win relationship!

How can we get you the best results?

You can benefit directly from our hard work and commitment to quality and authenticity.  In just six short years, the Atlanta Black Theater Festival has built an incredible audience of brand loyal patrons. We've grown into a four day, world class festival consisting of average of 300 artists and over 4,000 attendees per year.

We're not  just searching for dollars... 

We seek partnerships that make sense!

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