"I love the energy of the ABTF. As a playwright, I always find myself leaving the festival more committed to writing our stories."  ~A. Wilson  

staged readings of New Works

Wed. Oct. 3 @ 3pm - $7+


No Set Religion 

by LaToya Conaway

"Nashida" is a soul searcher on a quest to find truth and a spiritual connection through various religions.

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Wed. Oct. 3 @ 5pm - $7+


Deep Greenwood: The Hidden Truth of Black Wallstreet by Michaela Walter 

Based on a true story of how and why a black business district was created and destroyed in 1921 in the community of Greenwood, Oklahoma. 

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Wed. Oct. 3 @ 5:30pm - $7+


Dear Carol Ann 

by Gloria Terry

A heartwarming play about two women and their quest to understand their friendship in the face of tragedy. 

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Wed. Oct. 3 @ 9pm - $7+


I Didn't Know 

by Kayla Richardson & Perrice Ledbetter 

Deals with issues of diversity, inclusion, sexual identity, STD and pregnancy prevention...  Don’t leave saying, “I didn’t know!” 

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Thu. Oct. 4 @ 3pm - $7+


Clean Sheets  by Jeanette Hill

From the award-winning playwright Jeanette Hill comes a riveting story of secrets and lies. Watch what happens when family blessings collide with family curses. 

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Thu. Oct. 4 @ 5:30pm - $7+


Harlem Nocturnal Emissions 

by Arthur W. French III 

Something strange happens when people's lives intertwine one day at the Studio Museum in Harlem. 

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Fri. Oct. 5 @ 3pm $7+


Pieces by Sandra Hamlin; directed by Jocelyn Sanders:  Two "seasoned" women one white, one black; are forced to sit next to each other on a crowded bus in the midst of the Trump era. It's going to be a bumpy ride. 

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Fri. Oct. 5 @ 5:30pm - $7+


Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You 

by Valerie Ruby Ingram

Someone's always stirring up drama in this story of dysfunction and family. 

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Sat. Oct. 6 @ 12:30pm - $7+



Black Matter by Aubrey S. Williams

Follow the lives of young Black men and women as they use their personal experiences to discuss ways in which they can seek liberation. 

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Don't pick a play, pick a day!

Immerse yourself in our popular series of  new works written by emerging black playwrights.